Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blues Fest 2010 Musicians Play the Pubs in Port Townsend WA

Jeffrey Scott at Undertown in Port Townsend
At breakfast yesterday morning Jeffrey Scott told Mark and me to always carry our guitar with us, "Just like your credit card, never leave home with out it."

On the last night of Blues Fest 2010, I rode the bus down the hill, downtown Port Townsend was where it was at, not out at Fort Worden, the beach or the lighthouse. Blues was in the clubs downtown Port Townsend and I strolled from one to the next with my guitar on my back. Found Steve James, Lightnin' Wells, Suzy Thompson, Terry Bean and Jeff Scott playing full houses.

Nobody seemed to be where I thought they were going to be according to the paper, and I wasn't the only one, even the musicians were running around finding there next venue. On my way to one or the other I ran into Terry Bean. Got a chance to thank him for his generosity, the ease with which he brings reluctant musicians to sit down and play.

Jeff Scott meanwhile had moved from the Undertown Coffeehouse and Wine Bar to The Boiler Room. I stood listening to him, with an eye on the bus stop, when I heard him say, "There's a student of mine here, who might want to play." So I did, doing my best to keep the rhythm while he let the audience hear his fancy fingerpickin'.
"I hear you, I hear you," he said now and then.

"Always carry your guitar with you," is the line that I keep on hearing, that's the line I take with me from the Blues Fest.

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