Saturday, August 7, 2010

David Bromberg Quartet and Chat at P.T. Blues Fest

Nate Grower, Mitch Corbin, Butch Amiot, David Bromberg
How in the world can those guys talk to each other when they're playing music the way they do?

According to the Blues Fest program booklet members of the Quartet would be teaching their own workshop, but that was a misunderstanding David Bromberg said. That was just as well, for instead they all came out to #204. After Bromberg gave a talk, they all played —and chatted!

Afterward I went up to ask them about their gig at TheTriple Door in Seattle where I sub now and then as light man. They liked the room and the food and really enjoyed having a whole day off between 3D and the workshop and show at the Blues Fest on the Peninsula.

The concert at the McCurdy Pavilion was good, but I enjoyed the workshop, being up close with the musicians and hearing personal stories the most.

Mark, who'd been in Jeffrey Scott's introductory Piedmont workshops all week invited him for breakfast this morning and asked me if I wanted to join them and Bev at Hudson Point Cafe (used to come there when it was the Otter Crossing). Great breakfast with good food and a lot of talking. Funny thing is that listening to Jeff made me start talkin' like a Texan again.

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